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Our Strength:

l   More than 20 EPC(Engineering-Procedure-Construction) contract on operation, most customers are Top 500 companies in China and Abroad.

l   Offer complete industrial water solution and technology, including cooling water, desalted water, pure water, waste water ,water reuse, and water zero discharge.

l   Experienced and well-trained procedure and electrical engineer have good communication with customers about design, inlet and outlet water quality index.

l   Are capable of manufacturing, making sure offering high quality, high cost competitive water products and solutions.

l   Service engineers and workers are well trained, can provide effective installation and commissioning on customer site. 


Typical water EPC contract:

 Chengde Stainless Steel, Beihai City:     EPC contractor of cooling water, desalted water, waste water treatment and Zero discharge.
 Tiancheng Stainless Steel, Guanghan City:    EPC contractor of cooling water, pure water, waste water treatment and Volume Control of heavy metal.
 Dingxing Technology Co., Fujian:    EPC contractor of waste water treatment 
Delong Nickel Industry, Jiangsu:  
 EPC contractor of waste water treatment 
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Our Strength:

l   Professional and standard operation on customer facility of environmental protection, conduct operation activities according to laws and regulations.

l   Well trained engineers and workers, have rich experience of water facilty operation and trouble shooting.

l   Decrease consumption of take-over-point media and water process chemical.

l   Optimize and improve procedure, maximize lower discharge of waste water.

l   Prove real operation data and historical data.

Typical water facility management contact:  
Chengde Stainless Steel, Beihai City:  Facility management of cooling water, desalted water, waste water treatment .
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Our Strength:

l   Core team members have over 20 years exerience on water treatment design, equipment design, Electrical Engineering design, water quality instrument design and etc.

l   Have research cooperation on new material, new procedure with Tongji University and Nanjing University.

l   Have retrofit product portfolio, including Ultra Filter Membrane, Reverse Ossimosis Membrane, MBR, Ceramic Membrane, as well as sludge treament equipments.

l   High performance on-line and lab water quality meters, ensure providing accurate and stable values. Help customer save water treatment chemicals.


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